Our values

We are a production company that produces all kinds of films for companies that want to 
strengthen their brand and reach out with an important message.

Creativity and strategy

We realise that it is not just a question of coming up with a creative product, each project have many factors to consider. The creativity also lies in the fact that Oddway consists of wonderful, unpretentious people with a high level of service mindedness who dare to think innovatively. We want to be a strategic partner and the obvious choice for companies that want to communicate internally or externally, nationally or internationally.


We produce all kinds of films for companies that want to strengthen their brand and deliver a message. We’re making film solutions that match the customer’s ambition and delivers in terms of ideas and outcome. We show our professionalism – by understanding the purpose of the film, never missing a deadline or going over budget. We are creative both in terms of the finished film, in terms of the solutions we choose and in terms of how we co-operate in the process. We are flexible and want to give the customer what it takes to get the desired effect, and we have fun doing it! We are considerate of the environment as well as of other people, on a day-to-day basis, and we also engage in charitable projects.  One project that is particularly close to our hearts is the Christmas films that we have made for Göteborgs Stadsmission, together with Dear Friends. Films which have won several prizes, but which, above all, have meant more money for the activities of Stadsmissionen.